About Dinman Polypacks Pvt Ltd.

We are the pioneers and market leaders in the manufacturing of BOPP printed laminated bags. The company has the state of the art machinery with an installed capacity of 7200 MT per annum (120 Million Bags per Annum) wherein all the operations are done in-house under stringent supervision and control with emphasis on zero complaints. Our products have enlivened product packaging in B2B sectors. Some of the industries we primarily cater to in the domestic market are Agri Products, Fertilisers/Micro Nutrients, Detergants, Industrial Applications and Organised retail with our Shopping Bags.

We also export these bags to several European and African Countries. We have in house Design Department to help our customers to create attractive designs to meet their requirements.

We can print upto 8 colour’s and produce bags from 5Kgs to 75 Kgs wherein upto 10kgs bags can be made with handles. Buyers can choose from various finish (Glossy, Mat, Glossy & Mat, Metallised, Holographic) and different types of structures such as Tuber, Off Centre Gusset, Normal Gusset and Flat.

Our factory, is located at Durgapur,West Bengal. We have over 400 dedicated employees working relentlessly towards meeting multifarious requirements of our customers. We have managed to achieve seven times increase in production from a modest production levels of 1,000MT per annum to the present 7,200 MT per annum over the last five years. This meteoric rise was possible due to the performance of our skilled workforce, professional management and continuous support of buyer’s.


A traditional woven bag (more commonly known as PP bag) is laminated with a Reverse Printed BOPP film. The Reverse Printed Laminated PP Woven Sacks when compared to a traditional woven bags or non-woven bags or jute bags, stand’s out in terms of Excellent Finish, Better Branding and improved Barrier properties.


  • Excellent branding possibility
  • Scratch resistant printing
  • Better barrier properties
  • Difficulty to counterfeit
  • Cost Effective – especially when compared to Jute or Non-Woven Bags.

Comparison between different materials:

Particulars Jute Bags Non Woven Bags BOPP LAMINATED PP WOVEN BAGS
Cost High High Effective and Cheaper compared to other two modes of packing.
Branding Possibility Almost negligible Possible to a certain extent-however not long lasting and attractive at all Excellent branding possibilities-multi color
Counterfeit Possible Possible Difficult
Layers 1 1 3 (Fabric+Lamination+Bopp Film)
Printing Flexo Printing- fades away after a couple of weeks Flexo Printing- fades away after a couple of weeks Roto Printing- reverse printed on BOPP which is laminated on the PP Fabric thus it is not possible to scrub/fade.
Fabric Weaving Closely knitted Fabric like material made from long fibres Closely knitted fabric
Strength Capacity High Low High